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See how successful you can be when you rely on software designed to support innovation in the consumer products industry – from idea to launch. Achieve the consumer products triple play: be first to market, maximise ROI, and deliver stellar customer service. With better brand recognition and customer loyalty, faster response to demand, and optimised inventory, you can bank on earning a higher percentage of revenue.

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An interactive tool to select the right solution for Consumer Products.

Unilver streamlining invoicing

Unilever - A Solution That Supports 800,000 Suppliers

With more than 4 million invoices from suppliers annually, and 90% being paper, Unilever needed a way to streamline management and improve efficiency.

Executive makes critical decision for his consumer products company

P&G: Inventing New Possibilities

Learn how the world’s largest consumer products company will use the SAP HANA platform to dramatically accelerate and simplify its reporting landscape – completely transforming what is possible for the organisation today.

Unilver transforming business

Unilever - Thinking Differently with SAP HANA

Unilever identified scenarios where acceleration could transform how they did their process, not just faster but very differently with SAP HANA.

SAP CEO Bill McDermott


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