Set the pace in aerospace & defense with SAP software

Quickly adapt to industry challenges such as globalisation, market volatility, and shrinking budgets – with our software for aerospace & defense. Whether you’re a defense contractor or an airframe manufacturer, we can help ensure your organisation has the agility and technology it needs to fuel tomorrow’s innovation – today.

SAP solutions for aerospace & defense
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Access SAP Solution Explorer

An interactive tool to select the right solution for Aerospace & Defense.

Aircraft under construction

Maximizing Agility in Aerospace & Defense

Discover how leading aerospace & defense firms are rising to meet the challenges of globalisation, the world economy, and shrinking defense budgets by taking advantage of SAP technology and solutions.

Man Welding

What is the top driver for growth in manufacturing?

4 out of 5 manufacturers believe disruptive technology will be the top growth driver in manufacturing According to a recent survey with senior business decision makers in UK manufacturing companies.

Aircraft in flight

Honeywell Aerospace: Mastering Big Data

Download this white paper from Aviation Week magazine to find out how Honeywell Aerospace – the world’s largest manufacturer of aircraft engines and avionics – is using SAP in-memory technology to harness and control Big Data.

Manufacturing Innovations

Manufacturing Innovations Event

Manufacturing Innovations is an exclusive event for senior manufacturing professionals. Discover the industry issues that are top of mind – and see how your business compares. Hear direct from Plessey Semiconductors and learn about their innovation journey.