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  • "Turn Retail Data into Insight with the Optimal Pack Size Service" >

    Find out how retailers are maximising revenue, boosting profitability, and reducing markdowns while building customer relationships, thanks to the optimal pack size service from SAP. In short, they can identify cost drivers, optimise pack size, and streamline processes to reduce cost and waste.

  • "Transform Your SAP Applications Landscape to Meet Changing Business Requirements" >

    See how SAP Landscape Transformation helps you align your SAP solution landscape after restructuring a business, updating processes, integrating an acquired company, removing data in a divestiture, or decommissioning unneeded software to help ensure data consistency and integrity and reduce transformation costs.

  • "LSI Corporation" >

    When deciding to shift from contract to in-house manufacturing, LSI engaged SAP Consulting services to help develop a new solution architecture to support the move. The result is a better integrated supply chain, saving the company money with fewer errors and omissions and reduced inventory.


    How does an enterprise that decided to divest several affiliated companies carve out the necessary data to pass along to the buyer, while maintaining business continuity? This company used SAP Landscape Transformation software and engaged the experts of the System Landscape Optimisation group from SAP to help.

  • "Managing the Information Lifecycle" >

    Learn more about SAP tools and technologies for information life-cycle management and take a comprehensive approach to managing structured and unstructured information that can help you meet the information needs of your company and comply with legal and regulatory mandates regarding data accessibility and retention.

  • "Fast, Trusted Data Migration to Your SAP Solutions" >

    Find out how companies are using the package for rapid data migration to SAP ERP and SAP CRM to solve the problem of bad data from legacy systems and mergers. Data is cleansed and transformed to target formats, validated, and loaded into SAP ERP and SAP CRM to support efficient core processes and decision making.

  • "Increased ROI and Stronger Customer Focus for Insurers with Predictive Analytics" >

    Learn how SAP Customer Relationship Management lets insurers take advantage of both analytical and operational customer relationship management, to help ensure long-term customer success while saving marketing resources and budgets.

  • "Taminco" >

    Learn how this global mid-sized chemicals company reduced operational risk and achieved ambitious workplace safety goals. SAP helped Taminco create a standardised process to globally analyse and report on incidents, near misses, and risk behavior, ensuring safe operations and continuous safety performance improvement.

  • "Clariant" >

    Read how Clariant International Ltd. uses solutions for product safety and stewardship from SAP to provide specialty chemicals to companies worldwide. The solutions help chemical manufacturers, their customers, and supply chains manage a fast-growing array of environmental, health, and safety regulations.

  • "Swissfox" >

    Discover how this company in the telecommunications industry engaged the expertise of the Business Transformation Services group of SAP Consulting to help it start a new global telecommunications service. The SAP experts helped create a business process map based on industry best practices.

  • "Streamlined Warehouse Management with Powerful Software for Retail" >

    Find out how retail companies are using the SAP Extended Warehouse Management for Retail rapid-deployment solution to make significant improvements in operational efficiency. The solution helps increase warehouse productivity, integrates warehouse and logistics processes, and improves customer service.

  • "HELLA: Enhancing Collaboration in Development" >

    Read how this provider of lighting products, electronics, and other accessories for automotive markets uses SAP Product Lifecycle Management to maintain high customer satisfaction. See how the solution works with the company's SAP ERP application to enable developers to share a single, consistent version of the truth.

  • "TABB Group: Risk in High-Definition" >

    This paper from capital markets advisory firm Tabb Group explores innovations in enterprise risk management that are capable of meeting the issues the front office bestows upon middle and back offices.

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  • "Kimberly-Clark" >

    What does a global enterprise do to integrate the extensive flow of financial data into its daily operations? For this consumer products firm, which already used SAP solutions, the answer was to use the latest enhancements in SAP's solutions for billing, and managing collections and disputes, as well as credit.

  • "The "Quality Built In" Approach from SAP Drives Customer Success" >

    Learn how the "Quality Built in" approach from SAP can help ensure a high-quality outcome for your SAP software implementation, reducing implementation time and increasing the value of your investment.

  • "Emirates NBD" >

    Find out how SAP Sybase IQ helped Emirates NBD Bank make better use of advanced business intelligence functionalities and enable analysts to spend less time waiting for the results of complex queries. As a result, the bank can focus more on meeting customers' needs than on data management technology.

  • "Vorwerk" >

    Learn how a well-known German maker of vacuum cleaners and kitchen equipment set about transforming its IT architecture to suit the needs of its challenging, complex, and specialised business. The company implemented SAP ERP worldwide and engaged the services of SAP Value Partnership to help manage the project.

  • "Sidus: Realising a Complex Divestiture Scenario with Expertise from the System Landscape Optimisation Group" >

    How does a company with multiple business units ensure operational continuity while divesting a subsidiary as quickly and reliably as possible? Argentinian pharma enterprise Grupo de Empresas Farmacéuticas Sidus decided to engage the expertise of the System Landscape Optimization group of SAP Consulting.

  • "Britvic" >

    Read about how Britvic, one of Europe’s leading soft drink producers, dealt with formidable forecasting and planning challenges using SAP APO. The company was able to cut inventory, improve availability, and build sales without the need for any significant distribution network improvements.

  • "L’Oréal" >

    How does a world-renowned brand -- in business for almost a century -- ensure continuing success in an increasingly competitive market? L'Oreal turned to Business Transformation Services group of SAP Consulting for their expertise. As a result, the company optimized and transformed its supply chain management.


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