SAP Services: Unlock the power of SAP software

Transforming SAP technologies into the solution that addresses your strategic business needs, SAP Services propels your company to best-in-class. With over 15,000 passionately innovative consultants, they are our heroes - and your greatest champions. They immerse themselves in your business, then leverage SAP’s unparalleled experience with over 200,000 customers to develop solutions to meet your unique business need.

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Find Your Service

SAP Services can help you run better. Find the services for your specific need.

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E-Book - Getting started with SAP Services for Analytics

Take an interactive tour of SAP HANA Services – from planning and implementation to innovation and development. And find out how we can help you create a comprehensive, multiyear roadmap for the SAP HANA platform.

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Implement New Technologies Faster

Watch this short video to see how SAP Services can help you quickly and cost-effectively leverage breakthrough technologies – such as in-memory computing, cloud, analytics, and mobile. And learn about the current state of the IT services market.

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It’s Time to Think Differently About SAP

For partners looking to join SAP it’s important to understand who we are today – not who we were five years ago. Watch this short video to see how you can pair SAP innovations with your own capabilities – to unlock new opportunities for your business.

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Early Adopters Finish First

Learn how we can help you leverage the latest in mobile technology.

Additional Resources

Move to the Cloud,
Your Way

Embark on a smooth, simple, and rapid journey to the cloud – or create a hybrid environment – with expert guidance and support from SAP Services.

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Boost ROI with Value Partnership

Identify the right projects, measure and optimise progress during implementation, and maximise ROI – with with guidance from a trusted Value Partnership.

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Speed Time to Value for SAP HANA

Get a faster, more efficient way to plan, implement, upgrade, or migrate to the SAP HANA platform – with comprehensive SAP HANA Services.

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Minimise Project Risk

Learn more about Quality Assurance to attain business benefits and goals while minimising risks.

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Simplify Operations

Increase IT operational efficiency by utilising an integrated application lifecycle management approach and proven best practices.

Operations transformation services  ›

Put Analytics to Work for You

Explore a wide range of SAP Analytics Services for our BI, enterprise performance management, GRC, and predictive analytics solutions.

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Adapt to Complexity

Shorten business innovation cycles by delivering faster time to value and helping your IT organisation to transform the business.

Transformation services  ›

Prepare Your Workforce for Success

Meet your training needs with a full suite of online and offline training, learning software, and consulting services from SAP Education.

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SAP Services References Handbook

Hear from SAP customers such as Kraft, Unilever, Johns Manville, and Standard Bank – who are eager to share why they leveraged SAP Services.

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