SAP Services: Unlock the power of SAP software

Transforming SAP technologies into the solution that addresses your strategic business needs, SAP Services propels your company to best-in-class. With over 15,000 passionately innovative consultants, they are our heroes - and your greatest champions. They immerse themselves in your business, then leverage SAP’s unparalleled experience with over 200,000 customers to develop solutions to meet your unique business need.

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Find Your Service

SAP Services can help you run better. Find the services for your specific need.

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E-Book - Getting started with SAP Services for Analytics

Take an interactive tour of SAP HANA Services – from planning and implementation to innovation and development. And find out how we can help you create a comprehensive, multiyear roadmap for the SAP HANA platform.

An IT expert solves a complex puzzle with SAP's services  strategy road map

Do You Have a Business Intelligence Strategy?

Create a BI strategy that helps executives act quickly on key performance drivers.

SAP Services experts discuss SAP's services strategy road map

Nestlé: Near Zero Downtime to Upgrade

Learn how Nestlé reduced downtime and disruptions while upgrading to SAP ERP.

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Achieve Predictability

Register for Forrester Research on achieving predictability with business intelligence.

The Right Services For What You Need

Minimise Project Risk

Learn more about Quality Assurance to attain business benefits and goals while minimising risks.

Quality assurance      services  ›

Simplify Operations

Increase IT operational efficiency by utilising an integrated application lifecycle management approach and proven best practices.

Operations transformation services  ›

Achieve Predictability

Improve business insight by employing real-time analytics and industry-specific reporting capabilities.

Business analytics      services  ›

Adapt to Complexity

Shorten business innovation cycles by delivering faster time to value and helping your IT organisation to transform the business.

Transformation services  ›

Drive Innovation

Increase business and user productivity by deploying advanced mobility and collaboration solutions and providing best-in-class training and learning tools.

Enterprise mobility      services  ›