Develop and deploy mobile apps with our open, standards-based platform

Streamline the development, delivery, security, and management of your B2E, B2B, and B2C mobile apps with the SAP Mobile Platform. This integrated platform helps your developers efficiently build any-device apps that can run on-premise and in the cloud.

  • Maximize productivity with a user-friendly development environment, popular tools, and robust support
  • Cut costs and improve supportability with our live Web-based development tool and UI framework
  • Integrate with native, HTML 5, hybrid, metadata-driven, mobile Web, and SMS app architectures
  • Take advantage of the platform’s Bring Your Own Tools (BYOT) support to reduce ramp up time and costs
  • Enforce maximum security and controls across all applications, devices, and user access

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Man with building blocks representing app development

Deploy Enterprise-Grade Mobile Apps

IT leaders are responsible to deliver secure, integrated, and scalable mobile apps on any device, anywhere. They need SAP Mobile Platform, a solution that leverages their existing resources and enables IT to deliver enterprise-grade mobile apps.

Developers testing a new mobile app on a tablet

SAP Mobile Academy

Discover a part of the SAP Community Network called the SAP Mobile Academy. This online video tutorial site is for users of SAP mobile technology, including mobile app developers, IT administrators, and mobile project leads.

Mobile app developer signing up for the free trial

Develop with an Open, Standards Based Platform

Developers require environments that offer robust services and libraries to build cutting-edge mobile apps. They want to use popular third-party tools and have access to a community of resources. Discover how with SAP Mobile Platform.

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