Virtualise, accelerate, and transform your business – with mobile applications for your industry

Take your business to the next level with mobile applications designed to address your unique industry challenges and opportunities. Better connect and collaborate with your customers and partners, leverage proven industry best practices, and mobilise your entire value chain.

  • Leverage SAP's expertise and proven track record for delivering robust, industry-specific solutions
  • Adopt mobile best practices from a broad array of industries
  • Connect and collaborate with your customers in real-time to create and retain loyalty
  • Improve visibility and productivity across your entire value chain
  • Mobilise your employees – and quickly respond to changing market conditions
Mobile apps that transform businesses for all industries
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Trains racing along tracks at night, representing industry expansion with mobility

Step Outside Industry Boundaries

Expand your business strategy beyond a single industry to boost profitability and sharpen your competitive edge. Find out how our cross-industry mobile applications can help support your transformation – and provide both business and IT value.

Worker inspecting equipment

Transforming Asset-Intensive Industries with Mobility

See why successful asset-intensive organisations are looking at mobile solutions as an integral component of the organisation's corporate mobile initiative and how they use mobility as a tool to virtualise, accelerate, and most importantly transform their businesses.

Business professional accessing an SAP mobile analytics app

How mobility is transforming industries

Harvard Business Review Analytic Services explores how leading organisations in select industries are taking advantage of the latest mobile technologies to increase efficiency and eliminate friction in business processes, while helping to launch new products, new services, and even new business models.

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