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  • "Experience Mobile Apps for Finance: Webcast" >

    See how you can make faster, more informed financial decisions, eliminate approval bottlenecks, and extend core processes to your mobile device – with mobile apps for finance from SAP.

  • "Water Corporation " >

    See how this utility in Western Australia set about replacing legacy mobile solutions that could no longer adequately support field crews. The company implemented the SAP Afaria mobile device management solution and, as a result, can now deal with most device failures remotely, and reduce testing and manual upgrades.

  • "MDM is Dead. Long Live EMM!" >

    Read this report from Yankee Group and see how some managed mobile service vendors are integrating capabilities onto unified platforms, shifting the focus to enterprise mobility management. This will force a response from all players across the entire enterprise mobile ecosystem.

  • "Retail Without Boundaries" >

    The convergence of mobile technology and social media is shaping the future of the retail industry. Unprecedented social connectivity is redefining the next-generation customer experience. Read how companies can offer customers a unique and highly personalized experience that combines the digital and traditional brick-and-mortar worlds.

  • "SAP Retail Execution Mobile App" >

    Consumer products companies can now make store visits more impactful. With this app, sales reps can boost productivity – and you can provide merchandisers with critical business insights.

  • "Experience SAP Internet of Things Solutions: Webcast" >

    Watch to discover insights from the Internet of Things (IoT) by connecting silos of data created by both people and machine-to-machine (M2M) systems.

  • "Creating the 24-Hour Bank – Beyond the Crisis: The Next Challenge Facing Banks Today" >

    Find out how banks are adopting mobile technologies to offer true 24-hour banking, so that customers and employees can access secure, high-quality, timely information and services, anytime, anywhere. The SAP Mobile Platform is the place to start – enabling fast release of new mobile products.

  • "Managing Mobile Costs – Who’s Really in Control?" >

    Learn how an effective mobility management strategy can help you meet the unique challenges of making your mobile workers more productive while also keeping down the costs of doing so.

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  • "Web‐Based Mobile Business Apps May Be Good – But Are They Good Enough?" >

    Read this paper to learn about Web and native applications as well as a single mobile platform that supports both application types so that you do not have to choose.

  • "EMI Yoshi" >

    See how EMI Yoshi is making strides to accommodate increasing business complexity with an SAP Business All-in-One solution and BI and mobile solutions from SAP. In assisting its customers to entertain effortlessly with its single-use, high-end tableware, EMI Yoshi is now moving the business to the next level.

  • "Anglian Water: Line of Business Customer Video" >

    Hear how Anglian Water developed its Toughbook2 system based on Sybase Unwired Platform and SAP Afaria to improve operations and customer service.

  • "SAP Mobile Apps and Infrastructure rapid-deployment solution" >

    Increase employee efficiency with our affordable solution for mobile apps and infrastructure. Take advantage of productivity apps, a mobile application development platform, and centralized device management and security.

  • "SAP Utilities Customer Engagement Mobile App: Overview Video" >

    Get an easier, more convenient way to manage all aspects of your utility accounts – with the SAP Utilities Customer Engagement mobile app. Use it to access and change account information, pay bills, view important news, and report service issues right from your mobile device.

  • "SAP Retail Store Ops Associate Mobile App: Web Page" >

    Give your store associates easy mobile access to real-time product, sales, and inventory information – with the SAP Retail Store Ops Associate mobile app.

  • "Secure Content Management in a Mobile Age: Webcast" >

    Explore the key issues associated with implementing content management while preserving necessary controls on data, even when mobile clients are in the mix. Discover ways to mitigate risk and examine the importance of context in the content management process.

  • "SAP Replication Manager Mobile App" >

    Monitor the replication of data within your SAP HANA platform and take necessary action from anywhere – with our data replication manager mobile app.

  • "SAP Retail Store Ops Manager Mobile App: Overview Video" >

    Get real-time insights into your store performance without ever leaving the retail floor and your customers – with our mobile app for iPad.

  • "Experience Mobile Apps for the Healthcare Industry: Webcast " >

    Watch to learn more about how mobile apps for the healthcare industry from SAP can help healthcare providers access and update medical records on the go, enhancing patient care.

  • "Experience SAP Direct Store Delivery: Webcast" >

    Watch to learn how to transform the value chain with mobile soluitons that help ensure the optimal product mix. See how mobile apps redefine the supply chain, shift the point of sale, and deepen customer relationships.

  • "SAP BusinessObjects Mobile " >

    Access your essential business intelligence reports on the go. With this app, users can view insights through graphs, charts, and tables on a mobile device.


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