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  • "SAP Retail Store Ops Associate Mobile App: Overview Video" >

    Watch how store associates can gain easy mobile access to real-time product, sales, and inventory information – with the SAP Retail Store Ops Associate mobile app. Using an intuitive interface, associates can quickly access information in the SAP back-end system and then respond to critical customer questions without leaving the sales floor.

  • "Driving Business Success from Enterprise Mobility with SAP Education Offerings " >

    Learn how SAP Education can give your employees the instruction they need to make enterprise mobility a reality for your business. Find out which curriculum offerings are best suited for your mobility architects, administrators, mobile application developers, and mobile device management solution administrators.

  • "SAP GRC Access Approver Mobile App" >

    Ensure the right employees have access to the right systems. With this app, managers can review and approve time-sensitive access requests on their iPhones.

  • "SAP Mobile - Developing Custom Experiences for B2C & B2E: Overview Video" >

    Take a tour through some of the engaging mobile experiences of some of SAP's cusotmers and employees. See how these user-centric experiences are built on a platform that can seamlessly connects with backend systems and scales and evolves as business needs change.

  • "Experience Mobile Apps Oil and Gas Industries: Webcast" >

    Watch and discover how to empower your remote workforce with mobile apps that help boost safety and productivity, improve service reliability, and deepen customer relationships.

  • "SAP Citizen Connect Mobile App" >

    Public sector organizations can now give citizens an easy way to report issues to local authorities. With this app, citizens can photograph, locate, and describe incidents on a mobile device.

  • "Update on SAP Mobile Solutions: Overview Video" >

    Listen to Sanjay Poonen, SAP, as he recaps the key 2012 highlights and future vision for our mobile solutions.

  • "SAP Auditor for Maximo: Overview Video" >

    SAP Auditor for Maximo allows you to take your audits mobile so that you can accelerate the auditing process and greatly improve accuracy.

  • "Speed the Creation of Innovative, User-Centric Mobile Apps" >

    Mobile apps today need to be feature-rich and powerful, yet elegant and succinct. Read how you can now meet these criteria quickly and reliably at the SAP Mobility Design Center run by SAP Custom Development.

  • "SAP Retail Execution 3.0 Mobile App" >

    The SAP Retail Execution mobile app is designed for sales reps and merchandisers selling consumer packaged goods into retail stores. With this app you can enhance sale rep productivity, provide sales and marketing teams with critical insights into retail execution and maximize value from the SAP CRM app.

  • "Nongfu Spring: Customer Testimonial Video" >

    Learn about a key driver of Nongfu Spring's rapid growth in recent years, the mobile system. As a fast-moving consumer goods company devotes all the efforts into winning through direct sales to retailers, Nongfu Spring uses mobile apps mainly for store visit, marketing supervision, and sales management.

  • "Experience Secure Mobile Content and Documents: Webcast" >

    Watch how you can empower users with mobile access to personal business documents and corporate content, with an easy-to-use, native mobile app.

  • "SAP User Experience Monitor Mobile App " >

    Monitor the performance and availability of technical scenarios from multiple locations across your global IT landscape from an end-user perspective – with our user experience monitoring app.

  • "Managing Enterprise Mobility for Greater Competitive Advantage" >

    Take a look at how companies can take the cost and complexity out of managing an enterprise mobility environment with SAP Afaria. This mobile device management solution offers a single Web console for managing and securing all devices, with over-the-air device setup and security monitoring and "no-touch" deployment.

  • "Mobile and SAP: Not Just for Large Enterprises" >

    See why the question for your business isn’t if or when it will embrace mobile adoption – it’s how. Learn how SAP can help you build your mobile enterprise – big or small.

  • "Accelerate Scalable Mobile App Rollouts with SAP Mobile Platform" >

    Smart companies are looking for mobile app development approaches that meet both current and future needs. And they want the power to deliver enterprise-grade, scalable solutions to both consumers and employees quickly. Learn how to accelerate the rollout of highly scalable mobile apps using SAP Mobile Platform.

  • "Manage Mobile Devices with Scalability, the Cloud, and Expenses in Mind" >

    Every company has unique requirements for maintaining mobile deployments. As such deployments mature, the need for mobile device and telecom expense management is converging. Learn how to reduce mobile spend using telecom expense management, learn the importance of scalability, and discover the new SAP Afaria Cloud service.

  • "SAP's SME Global Customer Success: Overview Video" >

    More than 98,500 growing businesses run better with SAP. Hear from our real SME customers from around the globe on how SAP is not just for big companies, but for growing companies as well.

  • "Experience SAP Mobile Services: Webcast" >

    Watch to learn how to connect with your customers via a single interconnect solution and by leveraging SAP's local presence and expertise.

  • "SAP Transport Tendering Mobile App" >

    Learn more about an app to receive requests for quotes (RFQs) for potential freight delivery anytime, anywhere. Use this mobile app to accept RFQs, reject with a specified reason, or accept with changes.


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