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  • "Create Enterprise-Grade Apps with Our Mobile Application Development Platform " >

    Quickly build and deploy mobile apps that keep your workforce and customers connected and engaged – with SAP Mobile Platform. This industry-leading mobile application development platform can help make your mobile strategy a reality – faster – with packaged and custom-developed apps for any device.

  • "SAP's Machine-to-Machine Solution: Overview Video" >

    Discover how you can run better with mobile and machine-to-machine solutions – and the difference SAP can make.

  • "Power Through Platform" >

    You want to go mobile quickly, with as little up-front investment as possible while taking advantage of leading-edge mobile technology and keeping pace with developments as they emerge. Read here how your business can go mobile at minimum cost, with maximum effectiveness and lean IT resources.

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  • "SAP Interview Assistant Mobile App" >

    Accelerate your hiring processes. Our recruiting app helps managers review candidate information, prepare notes, record results, and provide feedback to HR.

  • "Asian Paints" >

    Asian Paints is India’s largest paint company. Watch how it makes data and information easily available to 1700 sales people in the field via the Sybase Unwired Platform.

  • "Driving Maximum Value from Mobile Technology: The Strategic Necessity of Mobility in the Chemical Industry" >

    Learn how companies in the chemical industry can gain the most value from mobility. Find out about trends and issues in enterprise mobility, discover a framework for creating an effective mobile strategy, and identify business processes that, once mobilized, can drive the most value to your company.

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  • "The Exciting New World of One-to-One Marketing with Herve Pluche" >

    SAP Precision Marketing allows our clients to inform and influence consumers by putting highly relevant information in their hands at the point of decision. For example, the Public Transit Authority of Montreal and SAP just launched a very innovative service designed to increase ridership and to connect consumers to their city. It brings together the power of big data, analytics, cloud and mobile to redefine consumer experience and the value of interactive digital marketing.

  • "SAP" >

    Learn how SAP implemented an enterprise mobility strategy in less than one year – making 35 mobile apps accessible to nearly 40,000 devices with the SAP Mobile Platform and SAP Afaria. Employees can now connect anytime on the go and improve access to information, which increases their efficiency.

  • "Elevate the Effectiveness of Retail Visits with Mobile Access to Data" >

    Learn how SAP Retail Execution mobile app gives you anywhere, anytime access to relevant information and functionality from mobile devices. This makes your sales representatives more productive, boosts your return on brand and promotion events, and maximizes your investment in SAP Customer Relationship Management.

  • "Brau Union: Customer Testimonial Video" >

    The customer Sales Execution App is a native iOS-App, based on SAP CRM-System. Field crew always knows their tasks, campaigns and open customer visits. Result: Customers always find their goods on stock.

  • "SAP ERP Quality Issue Mobile App" >

    Log issues as soon as they’re detected. With this app, workers can assign codes, enter descriptions and priorities, and attach photos from their mobile devices.

  • "SAP NetWeaver Portal, Mobile Edition: Overview Video" >

    You can quickly extend your portal environment to anyone on a mobile device with SAP NetWeaver Portal, mobile edition. This drives down the costs of building and deploying mobile-ready portal applications. Watch this short video to learn how easy it is to use our mobile portal on a variety of devices.

  • "SAP Cart Approval Mobile App" >

    Give managers the ability to approve employee shopping carts from a mobile device. This app notifies managers of pending carts and accelerates approval time.

  • "Enterprise-Grade Mobile Innovation" >

    Mobile technology is transforming how companies do business and engage with employees, partners, and customers. But a gap exists between expectations of the end user and the enterprise. Read how you can mobilize the enterprise by putting in place a scalable solution to integrate mobile devices with back-end data.

  • "Secure and Manage Enterprise Data and Apps for Windows Phone 8 with SAP Afaria" >

    The SAP Afaria mobile device management solution enables companies to meet the diverse challenges of enterprise mobility head on. Find out how it lets employees quickly self-enroll devices for enterprise use and gives IT staff the control needed to configure settings and enforce security and compliance policies.

  • "Crystalis Consulting-Mexico" >

    Discover how, Crystalis Consulting-Mexico, focuses exclusively on services related to SAP software. Learn how it provides business improvement solutions and consulting services for medium and large companies.

  • "Outsmart the Competition with Enterprise Mobility" >

    Companies are identifying mobile apps as a strategic imperative. See the highlights of a J.Gold Associates survey that shows the biggest drivers for future investments in mobile apps, ROI expectations, and the breakdown of a mobile project budget.

  • "SAP TDMS Manager Mobile App" >

    Keep a close eye on your test data migration server (TDMS) processes and initiate relevant action from anywhere – with our TDMS monitoring mobile app.

  • "Simplify the Software Experience on Any Device with Consumer-Style Apps" >

    Learn how SAP Fiori provides a simple and easy-to-use experience across any device – including desktop, tablet, and smartphone. This collection of apps helps businesses make better use of their existing SAP software investments, while bringing instant value to employees.

  • "Samsung and SAP: Partnership Value Proposition" >

    Learn about the strengths that SAP and Samsung bring to a partnership to help companies make mobile devices in the workplace more secure, easier to use, and consistently deployed. Technology solutions give IT control over security with less complexity, while freeing employees to focus on getting work done on the go. (SAP and Samsung, 2013).


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