Consolidate transactional and analytical workloads onto a single, real-time database – with SAP HANA

At the core of the SAP HANA real-time platform is the SAP HANA database. Unlike other database management systems on the market today, the SAP HANA database processes both transactional and analytical workloads fully in-memory. By consolidating two landscapes (OLAP and OLTP) into a single database, you can benefit from a dramatically lower TCO – in addition to mind-blowing speed.

  • Accelerate your core business processes and custom applications
  • Eliminate the need to build traditional tuning structures, such as infocubes
  • Report against transactional data in real time – without delays caused by data replication
Computer chip, representing the SAP HANA in-memory database
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White paper describing the power of an in-memory database powered by SAP HANA

Next-Generation Database

Learn how the SAP HANA database – an in-memory database combining transactional and analytical data processing with application logic processing – has eliminated the traditional database limitations that severely restricted the development of real-time business applications.

Employee analysing data on laptop

SAP HANA: The 100 TB Performance Test

Just how efficient is SAP HANA? Find out in this white paper that describes a 100 TB performance test in detail. Explore the results, and see how the technology can very simply deliver breakthrough analytic performance – for real-time business intelligence on a very large database.

Screenshot of HANA Studio

Get a Free SAP HANA Trial System

Experience the power of our market-leading in-memory computing platform firsthand – with a free, 30-day SAP HANA Trial system. Visit the Developer Centre on the SAP Community Network (SCN) to get more technical details about the technology, and to access the hosted trial environment.

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