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  • "High Performance, Scalability, and Availability with NetApp for SAP HANA" >

    NetApp collaborates with Cisco Systems and Fujitsu to deliver solutions for the SAP HANA platform. Learn how NetApp storage and data management solutions provide ease of management, high availability, and infinite scalability, so you can access your real-time business-critical data anywhere, anytime.

  • "Redefining Customer Analytics " >

    Find out how companies are using SAP Customer Engagement Intelligence to gain real-time insight, interaction, and execution for excellence in sales, marketing, and service. By fostering a deeper understanding of their customer base, the suite of applications helps organizations strategically grow revenue and margin.

  • "Enterprise & consumer applications on SAP HANA with Amit Sinha" >

    Enterprise & consumer applications on SAP HANA with Amit Sinha.

  • "SAP HANA: The Big Idea Platform for Analytic Applications" >

    Big ideas are born from need and imagination. Instating the SAP HANA platform as your "Big Idea" platform and virtual "laboratory" challenges business leaders to be game changers. Through a real example of analytical application innovation with SAP HANA, Capgemini will show you how big business ideas can lead to game-changing analytic applications.

  • "Cisco: Customer Testimonial Video" >

    Learn how Cisco is using the SAP HANA platform to quickly mine vast amounts of data -- in seconds rather than hours or days -- gaining more accurate insight into business information and the ability to better serve customers.

  • "SAP Technology Vision" >

    Wondering how to leverage technology innovations to reshape your business? Look into the strategic objectives that you should consider when turning technology challenges into business opportunities. See how SAP can be your strategic partner with solutions that offer superior functionality and unmatched business value.

  • "Improving Global Intercompany Pricing Decisions and Driving Cost Savings" >

    Aligning intercompany processes across functions has become more critical as companies' global footprints expand. The impacts are often felt in financial reporting, supply chain, tax, and transfer pricing. Transfer pricing is often the most significant item impacting a company's effective tax rate, cash tax position, and controversy results.

  • "Transforming the Customer Experience with SAP HANA" >

    A 360-degree, real-time view of customers would provide great opportunities for improved productivity, enhanced revenues, and increased customer satisfaction. Learn how SAP HANA can make this reality and help transform the customer experience across all industries with high volumes of business to customer interactions.

  • "University of Kentucky: Line of Business Video" >

    Hear how University of Kentucky is using SAP HANA to support its student retention goals, while saving $250,000 year over year.

  • "Uncover the ROI of Running SAP HANA" >

    Gain an understanding of the quantifiable value of implementing the SAP HANA platform in your company. Learn how Deloitte LLP worked to uncover the return on investment it could expect from running SAP HANA.

  • "SAP Liquidity Risk Management Powered by SAP HANA: Product Demo" >

    See how the SAP Liquidity Risk Management application powered by SAP HANA can help banks gain deeper visibility into their liquidity risk profile by enabling them to instantly track liquidity risk figures in real time, identify root causes of liquidity risks, and more.

  • "Provimi: 360 Degree Customer Video " >

    Provimi is a leading manufacturer of animal feeds. Learn how it uses the leading in-memory computing technology powered by SAP HANA to gain insight into its business and enable better decision making.

  • "Sailing Team Germany: 360 Degree Customer Video" >

    See how Sailing Team Germany sails faster and smarter to reach its goals with SAP on-demand software. SAP Business byDesign and individually developed solutions based on the SAP NetWeaver technology platform and other SAP solutions comprise the software used by the team.

  • "SAP Account Intelligence Powered by SAP HANA: Product Demo" >

    Watch how to use the SAP Account Intelligence mobile app to gain real-time customer insight. Deliver personalized selling recommendations directly on tablet devices to field sales reps to uncover sales opportunities and sell more on the go.

  • "Surgutneftegas: Customer Testimonial Video " >

    See how Surgutneftegas, one of the largest oil and gas companies in Russia, uses SAP HANA to gain real-time insights into its business, and analyze millions of records to get reports in seconds.

  • "Southern California Edison: Customer Testimonial Video" >

    Southern California Edison provides electricity to more than 14 million customers in more than 180 cities. Watch how the company is running SAP's business warehousing software on the SAP HANA platform to improve reporting and data analysis – getting reports four times faster than before.

  • "Using In-Memory Solutions to Deliver Rapid Insight to Small and Midsize Enterprises " >

    Learn how SAP HANA, Edge edition, empowers small and midsize enterprises to analyze their operations and business intelligence in real time to gain deep business insight quickly and cost-effectively – and build competitive advantage.

  • "Oxford Economics "Unleashing the Cloud - Putting Mobility to Work" (2/4)" >

    Learn how, in this second Oxford Economics research paper out of a series of 4, industry leaders are leveraging cloud platforms to help transform enterprise mobility and anytime anywhere connectivity .

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  • "Improve Finance Through Innovation and Real-Time Insight" >

    Learn how your finance organization can become a strategic partner to other business areas with greater-than-ever speed and insight though new innovations. Find ou t how ConAgra Foods and GlaxoSmithKline use the SAP HANA platform to attain real-time insight into their finance and controlling processes.

  • "Realize the Benefits of Real-Time Smart Fleet Analysis" >

    Proactively monitor and extract value in real time by analyzing massive amounts of sensor data generated from moving assets such as vehicles. Smart fleet analysis, powered by the SAP HANA platform, can offer significant business benefits such as fuel reduction, safety improvement, and enhanced asset productivity. Hear more from a Linfox executive.


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