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  • "SAP Business Suite Powered by SAP HANA: Overview Video" >

    See how SAP Business Suite powered by SAP HANA enables smarter business innovations, faster business processes, and simpler business interactions.

  • "Drive Business Warehouse Performance" >

    Discover how the SAP HANA platform enhances the performance of the SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse application, reduces IT complexity, simplifies administration, and enables faster, more streamlined business processes. Find out how to replace your traditional database in a nondisruptive way and drive improved performance.

  • "Transforming the Customer Experience with SAP HANA" >

    A'360-degree' real-time view of customers would provide great opportunities for improved productivity, enhanced revenues, and increased customer satisfaction. Learn how SAP HANA can make this reality and help transform the customer experience across all industries with high volumes of business to customer interactions.

  • "SAP HANA for Next-Generation Business Applications and Real-Time Analytics" >

    Learn how the SAP HANA database, an in-memory database combining transactional and analytical data processing with application logic processing, has removed limitations of traditional databases that severely limited the development of business applications that support real-time data processing.

  • "Automotive Resources International" >

    Learn how Automotive Resources International, which manages some of the most complex vehicle fleets on the road, is using the SAP HANA platform to deliver new value-add services to its global customers while cutting its own operating costs.

  • "SAP HANA Software for Small Businesses and Midsize Companies " >

    Discover how to uncover new business knowledge, strategies, and opportunities for your small or midsize enterprise with the SAP HANA platform. Learn how this in-memory computing solution instantly analyzes huge volumes of data and can help you achieve sustainable and profitable growth.

  • "Technische Universitaet Muenchen (TU Munich): Customer Testimonial Video " >

    Hear how the TU Munich co-innovated with SAP using the SAP HANA platform to deliver a technology platform that analyzes proteins at the rate of 100 megabytes an hour. Knowing more about the molecular make-up of diseases, primarily cancer, will help medical clinicians to make better treatment decisions.

  • "Taiko Palm-Oleo (Zhangjiagang): Customer Testimonial Video " >

    Learn how Taiko Palm-Oleo (Zhangjiagang) is using SAP HANA to process large amounts of data to perform analysis and generate reports in real time.

  • "Improving Global Intercompany Pricing Decisions and Driving Cost Savings" >

    Aligning intercompany processes across functions has become more critical as companies' global footprints expand. The impacts are often felt in financial reporting, supply chain, tax, and transfer pricing. Transfer pricing is often the most significant item impacting a company's effective tax rate, cash tax position, and controversy results.

  • "P&G: Customer Testimonial Video" >

    Learn how P&G, the world's largest consumer product company, will use SAP HANA to build the next generation of financial planning and reporting applications, with speed that completely transforms what is possible today.

  • "How Business Systems Work: Overview Video" >

    Watch and learn how SAP HANA transforms business systems.

  • "HSE24: Customer Testimonial Video" >

    Watch the SAP CRM powered by SAP HANA at HSE24 video.

  • "ARI: Customer Testimonial Video" >

    Find out how ARI, a fleet management company, uses SAP HANA to understand its customers’ needs for benchmarking and to provide the superior customer service their corporate clients demand -- all while reducing the overhead costs.

  • "Customer "Safe Passage" to SAP Business Suite Powered by SAP HANA" >

    In this session, Wipro will discuss their approach to ensuring customer confidence and "Safe Passage" in moving to SAP Business Suite running on SAP HANA. Wipro will discuss their methodology and frameworks, archiving, customization removal, testing, and benchmarking strategies to deliver seamless migrations. Join us to learn more.

  • "Combining SAP Real-Time Data Platform with Hortonworks Data Platform" >

    Find out how companies are deriving value from vast amounts of data with a new data management architecture, thanks to SAP and Hortonworks. The partnership enables integration of SAP Real-Time Data Platform with Apache Hadoop using Hortonworks Data Platform to facilitate BI and analysis of "Big Data.".

  • "Charité: Meet Our Customer Video" >

    See how Europe’s largest hospital, Germany-based Charité, handles data much faster with in-memory technology and SAP HANA – and how the SAP Electronic Medical Record application has helped it mobilize.

  • "Magic Combo: How SAP HANA, Analytics, and Mobile Can Transform A Business" >

    In-memory computing technology and advanced analytics team with the Fujitsu Power Appliance for the SAP HANA platform and high-performance Fujitsu tablets, enabling you to build completely new scenarios. Data acquisition, infrastructure management, and mobile access are key for incredible innovation. Learn how to leverage this winning combination.

  • "Next-Generation Sales and Operations Planning Powered by the SAP HANA Platform" >

    Learn how SAP Sales and Operations Planning, powered by SAP HANA, can help you bring key stakeholders together in an integrated planning environment that helps them rapidly translate dynamic fluctuations in customer demand into actionable, operational plans for logistics, manufacturing, and procurement.

  • "SAP Accelerated Trade Promotion Planning powered by SAP HANA: Product Demo " >

    Learn how SAP Accelerated Trade Promotion Planning powered by SAP HANA can help you plan effective, highly-tailored trade promotions; improve the accuracy of planned and actual promotion spend allocation; and uncover new promotion opportunities.

  • "Transform Procure-to-Pay Processes Through Broad Adoption" >

    Find ways to meet your procurement goals and improve profitability. Learn from Mentor Graphics, a company experiencing fast growth in its global operations, how the worldwide rollout of the SAP Supplier Relationship Management application helped the company standardize procure-to-pay processes to control spending and drive contract compliance.


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