SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence

Uncover and seize new opportunities anytime, anywhere – with our Web Intelligence software

Get instant answers to your business questions and take action on the fly – with fast, decision-ready insights from any data source. Our Web intelligence software can provide your business users with flexible, intuitive ad hoc reporting tools and interactive analytics – on the Web, desktop, or mobile device.

  • Deliver personalised business intelligence to your colleagues, customers, and partners
  • Improve productivity by giving users an intuitive tool and clearing IT backlogs
  • Improve ad hoc reporting and analytics across any data source with a flexible framework
  • Get the insights you need, when you need them, no matter where you are
Manager using Web intelligence software on his laptop and mobile device
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Discovering Answers to Your Business Questions

Discovering Answers to Your Business Questions

Uncover patterns and trends in your business data – and accurately anticipate your customers’ needs – with SAP BusinessObjects Explorer. Learn more about the solution and how it combines the speed of search with the analytical power of BI – in this information-packed solution brief.

Window roof, representing Velux' success with SAP Business Intelligence

Velux: Customer Testimonial Video

Listen to how VELUX is using BI solutions from SAP to optimise its business performance across multiple business units and countries.

Aerial view of employees collaborating in a common area, representing a unified business view

Kraft Foods’ Recipe for Business Intelligence Success

Discover how Kraft's business intelligence (BI) program is growing by leaps and bounds as new solutions, including the SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence application, bring BI capabilities to a broader set of users.

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