Data-rich business intelligence

Drive more intelligent processes and decisions – with business intelligence software

How do you help employees make faster and better decisions and increase their overall productivity? By providing them with self-service access to the data and insight they need, no matter where the information resides. SAP BusinessObjects BI solutions help your people to be more effective in everything they do – helping boost overall productivity.

The potential benefits?

  • Greater ability to access and analyse data without IT involvement
  • Faster and more collaborative decision making
  • Improved performance metric tracking
  • More accountability, with visibility into key performance indicators by line of business
  • Faster response times, when exceptions and events occur
Illustration of an executive using business intelligence software
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New Trends in Dashboard Design



In my 10 years of experience in Business Intelligence in an IT Organisation, “dashboard” is probably the word that has come up most frequently to my ears when talking with my customers. Behind this, the variety of more concrete expectations is so large that it would be very difficult to make a summary.

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Achieving Competitive Differentiation

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Attend SAPinsider BI 2013

Maximise your SAP software investments in BI and reporting. Learn how at our info-packed event in Amsterdam, June 11-13.