Manufacturing Success

Welcome to Manufacturing Success. If you want to keep up to date on key industry news and views, you’ve come to the right place. Download our Manufacturing Success report to learn how innovation can improve your customers’ experience and increase your sales.

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Manufacturing Success

Download the Manufacturing Success Report 2013

Spotlight on money and finance

Spotlight on creativity

Manufacturers today need to develop creative ideas and deliver innovative products and services to global markets. As the “Manufacturing Success Survey 2013” reports, new technologies are helping them to gain the insight they need to achieve this. Find out more in the report.

Insider insights help drive growth

The pillars of manufacturing growth

Manufacturing plays a vital role in the UK’s economic growth. This article, from Business Computing World, takes a closer look at the current state of the industry, drawing on findings from the “Manufacturing Success Survey 2013”. Find out more about growth, innovation, skills, and value chains.

Make the most of business data

Make the most of business data

With the right CRM technology in place, manufacturers can manage orders more efficiently and improve their relationships with customers. Discover how Heineken and Hillarys Blinds are getting more out of their business data in this article.

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Additional Resources

A world of new opportunities

Discover how SAP Multiresource Scheduling helped Barloworld Handling UK increase technician efficiency and productivity, enhance customer satisfaction, and reduce service costs.

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Winning the race for service excellence

Find out how Pirelli runs on near-real-time data to ensure that products are delivered to distributors at precisely the right time, with the help of SAP ActiveEmbedded services and SAP HANA database.

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New software leads to new horizons

Discover how SAP Sybase IQ server helps Sungard manage its growing volumes of data. It has built newer, larger systems and expanded into new markets – find out more in the case study.

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Bringing exceptional service closer to home

With new mobile apps based on Sybase Unwired Platform and SAP Afaria, Hillarys Blinds Ltd has turned mobile devices into powerful business tools, enhancing customer service and business performance.

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Voice of the client

Discover how SAP CRM technology, with the expertise of Ciber, has helped LAND Instruments Worldwide focus on its customers – quickly and to budget.

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Spotlight on innovation and technology

What role does innovation play in manufacturing? According to the “Manufacturing Success Report 2013”, it’s the most important factor in driving growth. This chapter from the report explores the relationship between innovation and technology, looking at trends, external influences, and the role of government.

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Spotlight on management

Complex, global value chains, integrating services, now define manufacturing. The need for a joined-up approach means innovation is no longer confined to products, but ways of thinking about business operations, processes, technologies and talent.

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