SAP Learning Hub

On-demand availability and flexibility of training programs is critical

Provide anytime, anywhere learning opportunities with SAP Learning Hub, our cloud-based enterprise learning solution. Everyone from business users to IT professionals can gain instant online access to a vast knowledgebase created by SAP – so you can cut costs and eliminate learning hurdles such as scheduling and travel.

  • Eliminate up-front infrastructure and development costs with subscription-based pricing
  • Easily monitor individual employee learning consumption and progress
  • Provide access to more than 2,000 training titles, including e-learning
  • Offers anywhere, anytime learning access online
  • Personalize each employee’s environment with user-relevant data
  • Access dynamic social learning opportunities and optional live training systems

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SAP Learning Hub: Overview FAQ

Browse answers to the most frequently asked questions about SAP Learning Hub. Learn everything you need to get started: from info on our fixed-rate subscription fees, to technical requirements and how the site can support up to thousands of users.

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SAP Learning Hub: Live Access

Already a subscriber to SAP Learning Hub? Register for SAP Live Access to get on-demand access to live SAP software systems with real data. See how easy it can be to get the hands-on training you need, where and when you need it.

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SAP Learning Hub: Learning Rooms

Experience SAP Learning Rooms, instructor-moderated virtual spaces based on massive open online courses (MOOCs). Interact with other learners – and instructors – using rich social tools built into SAP JAM. Available to SAP Learning Hub subscribers.

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