Run your IT operations greener and more efficiently

Make a positive impact on your operations with green IT. Our sustainable IT solutions can help you reduce energy consumption, enable sustainable sourcing, and achieve dematerialization.

  • Consolidate IT assets through virtualization and decommissioning of legacy systems
  • Minimize e-waste through strategic salvaging techniques
  • Replace high-carbon products and activities with low-carbon alternatives
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Drive Innovation, Reduce Costs

Do you want to establish more sustainable operations? Integrated, sustainable IT solutions and services from SAP can help you simplify your application landscape, boost infrastructure utilization, drive dematerialization, and reduce IT risks.

An SAP executive talking about reducing IT energy consumption

Becoming a More Sustainable Company

See how SAP is using technology to improve energy performance and consumption – and helping other companies meet their sustainability goals. Learn how our Green IT solutions can help you grow profitably and sustainably, for the benefit of the environment and your bottom line.

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Reducing Our Carbon Footprint with IT Solutions

Learn about SAP’s commitment to run a socially responsible and sustainable business – and deliver solutions that help you do the same. Discover the green IT initiatives we've implemented to help us reach our aggressive goal of reducing carbon emissions 50% by 2020.

We can help.

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Solutions for Sustainability

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