Manufacturing and Supply Planning

Boost profitability and productivity with enhanced manufacturing supply chain software

Maximize the performance of your manufacturing operation with manufacturing supply chain software from SAP. Increase profitability and productivity through control of supply and demand, maintain supplier relationships at home and in remote areas, and monitor factory production.

  • Assign optimal safety stock and target stock levels to meet your desired customer service levels
  • Integrate purchasing, manufacturing, distribution, and transportation plans into one supply picture
  • Develop strategy to allocate available supply to meet demand and to replenish stocking locations
Plant worker monitors supply chain with manufacturing supply chain software
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Featured Resources

Person viewing a calendar on handheld device

Get Going Fast with Collaborative Planning

Improving the responsiveness of your supply network doesn’t have to take as long as you might think. Read how you can implement the technology you need in weeks with rapid-deployment solutions from SAP.

Co-workers viewing customer demand data on handheld device

Forecast Demand Using Customer Collaboration

Who better to help you forecast demand than those who create it – your customers? Get their help with the demand forecast collaboration feature of the SAP Supply Network Collaboration (SAP SNC) rapid-deployment solution for customer collaboration.

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Braskem: Increasing Sales Forecast Accuracy

Learn how Braskem optimized its supply chain processes, increased the accuracy of sales forecasts, and reduced costs for its vinyl business after implementing the availability to promise functionality in the SAP Advanced Planning & Optimization (SAP APO) component.

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