SAP Extended Warehouse Management

Plan, source, transport, and deliver better than ever with extended warehouse management software

Acquire the end-to-end execution tools you need to better plan and execute across the supply chain. With an extended warehouse management (EWM) solution, you can gain control over your warehouse efficiency, transform your operations, and increase your competitiveness.

  • Control warehouse processes and manage movements in the warehouse and your trailers in the yard
  • Mitigate problems and issues with improved warehouse efficiency
  • Transform operations into an adaptive fulfillment supply chain that can share its resources
  • Respond faster to challenges and changes in supply and demand – improving competitiveness
Warehouse employee checks inventory managed with warehouse management software
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Featured Resources

Warehouse worker viewing freight managed with extended warehouse management software

Grainger Grows with SAP Extended Warehouse Management

Learn how a leading supplier of maintenance, repair, and operating products is transforming its distribution network with the SAP Extended Warehouse Management application. With its highly automated distribution center, Grainger has maximized distribution efficiencies and automation, realized cost savings, and further driven competitive advantage.

Warehouse employee using forklift to move stock in a facility that incorporates extended warehouse management software

Extended Warehouse Management with SAP SCM

Learn how extended SAP SCM functionality provides broader warehouse management support with SAP Extended Warehouse Management (SAP EWM). Designed to work in high-volume warehouses, SAP EWM provides flexible, automated support for processing goods movements and managing stock in warehouse facilities.

Workforce employee talking with manager about extended warehouse management software

ARC: SAP Rivals Best of Breed Technology

ARC Advisory Group gives a favorable report on the SAP Extended Warehouse Management (SAP EWM) application. SAP EWM customers vary widely in terms of region, company size, type of warehouse, and complexity of warehousing environment. Both manual and automated warehouses have successful implementations.

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