Demand Management

Achieve the optimal demand-to-supply ratio with demand management software

Anticipate customer demand by forecasting customer reactions to pricing changes and other factors – allowing you to adjust business strategies to maximize your revenue. With demand management software from SAP, you can ensure that your supply chain is prepared for the most nimble response to business events.

  • Optimize demand planning with automatic forecast models based on historical data
  • Improve demand vigilance with a robust alert system to resolve issues quickly, even proactively
  • Anticipate demand by integrating supply network, production, and detailed schedule planning
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Featured Resources

Co-workers reviewing demand management software generated data

Plan Demand Better with Integrated Software

Discover how effective a demand planning capability integrated with SAP ERP and supply chain management solutions can be. Take a tour of the capability of the SAP SCM rapid-deployment solution for demand planning to learn how you forecast, plan, implement, and adjust – if necessary – your supply chain.

Colleagues reviewing demand management plan

Optimize Demand Planning with Duet

You want demand planning to be centralized, fast, accurate, and flexible. Duet software can help on all fronts. Watch how you can use it to create a demand planning sheet, change a demand plan, and review a demand plan.

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Cat Logistics: Planning Cross-Industry Demand

Cat Logistics has a demand planning methodology that could make a difference in your company. The service-part supplier serves multiple industries and has developed best-in-class processes that apply well to all of them.

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