Invoice Management

Save time and money with automated invoicing – using invoice management software from SAP and Ariba

Is your invoicing process draining time and resources – for both your company and your vendors? Our invoice management software can help. Use our powerful, on-premise and cloud-based solutions to automate and streamline your invoicing processes – for faster issue resolution, easier routing, and greater visibility into the status of unpaid accounts.

  • Minimize the time needed to process invoices
  • Improve your organization's cash flow management
  • Support shared-service delivery for invoicing information and status
  • Easily accommodate large invoice volumes with scalable tools
  • Get real-time visibility into liabilities
  • Ensure that your invoices comply with regulations
Managers using invoice management software
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The Ghent University community, benefits from savings  from SAP Invoice Management

Ghent University: Processing 130K Invoices*

How is Ghent University smoothly and accurately processing more than 130,000 invoices per year? With SAP Invoice Management by OpenText. Learn how this relatively young university is using the solution to automate its highly critical invoicing process.

Co-workers discuss the performance of it invoice processes

Streamline end-to-end accounts payable processes

Automation has become a key strategy to boost efficiency in a tough market, especially in the manually intensive area of accounts payable. Learn how SAP Invoice Management by Open Text is helping companies streamline end-to-end accounts payable processes.

Manager using e-invoicing software on his laptop

E-Invoicing: Cost-Effective Transactions

Economically send and receive legally compliant, digitally signed invoices electronically – via the cloud – in the formats you and your business partners require, with SAP E-Invoicing for Compliance OnDemand. Get the details in this solution brief.

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