Commodity Management Solutions from SAP

Optimize commodity pricing and better manage risk – with our commodity management software

Minimize commodity risk – despite volatile market prices and increasingly stringent regulations – with commodity management software from SAP. Our solutions can help you better manage commodity buying and selling– while more effectively managing risk. Integrate your processes, facilitate collaboration, make smarter business decisions, and more.

  • Integrate and transform processes to reflect current best practices and market conditions
  • Better understand the impact of commodity prices on purchasing and selling
  • Get a consolidated, real-time view of commodity positions across lines of business
  • Drive excellence across commodity procurement, sales, and risk management
  • Streamline and automate procurement and sales to reduce errors and save time
  • Leverage functionality for commodity producers, converters, and consumers in any industry
Wheat representing commodity procurement and commodity sales for a broad range of industries including, agriculture, precious and industrial metals, and energy and natural resources
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Featured Resources

Businessman using commodity management software

Optimize Commodity Pricing and Manage Commodity Risk

Whether your company produces commodities for sale to the market, buys and uses commodities to make products, or both, commodity management software from SAP can help. Learn how our solutions provide an integrated offering that supports collaborative planning and management.

Companies that buy or sell commodities can minimize commodity risk with SAP solutions for Commodity Management

Video: Commodity Pricing and Risk Management

Watch this short video to gain a better understanding of how commodity management software from SAP can help you address price volatility, handle growing regulatory requirements, meet increasing executive oversight demands – and better assess, manage, and hedge against risk.

Employees using commodity management solutions in a boardroom

See our Commodity Management Solutions in Action

Experience our commodity management solutions firsthand. Watch this demo to see how easy it is to create a purchase order, check raw commodity exposures, monitor your current risk position, and execute and verify a hedge – whether you’re buying commodities, selling, or both.

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