SAP Business One

Affordable pricing that fits the way you do business

When budgeting for your business management software, how you choose to deploy will impact the pricing options available to you. There are five key areas to consider:

  • Deployment Model: With our standard and starter package deployments, you pay up front – with our option, you pay a flat subscription fee
  • Software Licensing: Fees depend on the number of users and the type of access required
  • Implementation: Cost will vary according to your business requirements
  • Hardware: Depending on your current hardware, you may need to budget for upgrades. With on-demand, it's part of the package
  • Maintenance: General maintenance costs, upgrades, new releases, support services, etc.
Small business owner researching SAP Business One pricing
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Small business owner exploring SAP Business One's financing options on his laptop

Affordable Financing Options

Leverage affordable payment plans that cover the total cost of your SAP solution. Bundle your software, hardware, maintenance, services – and even the internal costs associated with your project – into manageable, fixed monthly payments that can be deferred until after your project goes live.*

SAP partner providing hosted support for SAP Business One

SAP Business One Cloud

Take advantage of SAP Business One without making an up-front capital investment or hiring in-house IT staff. With SAP Business One Cloud**, partners host and manage the solution for you – so you can spend less time and money on IT, and more time running your business.**

Demo screenshot of SAP Business One, analytics powered by SAP HANA

Harness Real-Time Reporting and Analytics

How can your small business achieve real-time reporting and analytics – for instant insights, faster responsiveness, and a sharper competitive edge? With SAP Business One, analytics powered by SAP HANA. Watch a quick demo to see how this lightning-quick in-memory solution works.

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*Financing is subject to qualification through third-party financing programs and requires credit approval.

**SAP Business One Cloud is currently available in select countries. Contact your local SAP office for details on when this option will be available in your area.