SAP Business Suite

Supply Chain Management – Innovations 2011 features

Advanced Planning and Optimization

  • Support production planning capabilities for process industries
  • Improve integration of planning and order promising, as well as longer planning runs
  • Increase efficiency of available supply in the supply network

Collaborative Demand and Supply Planning

  • Efficiently monitor fluctuating demand and high product complexity
  • Respond more efficiently and effectively to demand, supply, and compliance dynamics across a globally distributed environment

Extended Warehouse Management

  • Leverage robust functionality of extended warehouse processes across departments
  • Profit from greater visibility into responsive operations

Manufacturing Network Planning and Execution

  • Simplify customer interaction with the supply base system
  • Support supplier performance analysis to help customers leverage available comprehensive data
  • Include analysis examples such as on-time delivery with correct quantity
  • Provide a rapid-deployment solution for supplier collaboration
  • Reduce time and effort for implementation of supplier collaboration processes

Manufacturing Productivity Improvements

  • Increase end-user productivity and usability with new functionality and flexibility
  • Enhance administration and compliance with a new user interface

Supply Chain Response Management

  • Improve customer service and revenue by improving inventory turns
  • Reduce excess and obsolete inventory write-offs

Transportation Management

  • Optimize processes for freight forwarding
  • Support more robust planning for shippers
  • Improve freight costing, performance, and reporting
  • Accelerate innovation in transportation and logistics, focusing on freight-forwarders with ocean freight business
  • Provide better capabilities that support manufacturing and retail customers
Network of roads representing SAP business suite applications for supply chain
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