Are you Innovating as Fast as Your Competitors?

Companies today need to innovate products and services at lighting speed. Learn how SAP can help you integrate your R&D, manufacturing, and service processes – for faster idea to performance.

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Image of bridge representing SAP’s commitment to the Codex of PLM Openness initiative

Codex of PLM Openness Initiative

SAP supports the Codex of PLM Openness (CPO) initiative that defines the interoperability, portability and extensibility of IT systems. SAP has been a member of the CPO workgroup since it started and openness is a key element of our solution strategy.

A scientist working with atoms

Strengthen Your Brand

Design customer-focused products with big data insights into demand, market behavior, and trends.Get a glimpse of a new SAP R & D Engineering solution that features the latest technological and customer engagement innovations available from SAP.

Navigation system in car

Navigating the Digital Universe with 3D Graphics

IDC projects there will be 4.4 trillion gigabytes of data created or replicated this year. Known as the “digital universe,” this represents a 50% growth in data over 2012. This mind-boggling amount of information makes one wonder if it’s even possible to locate useful bits of knowledge among all the data zipping around...