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Share insights on the complex issues that defense personnel face in today's operating environment. This blog discusses how SAP solutions for defense and security empowers troops by providing them the right information when and where they need it – improving focus, decision making, and response time.


Military professionals in the field making plans that are informed by defense software
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Defense expert working at his laptop

Participate in Our "Interoperability for Defense" Blog

Join the discussion about the new hybrid approach to standards that defense organizations are now using – one that combines defense-specific standards with the adoption of industry and business best practices. Read why this new approach helps better support national and international mandates.

Military planes ready for a mission

Readiness Assessment for Defense and Security

Can you assess your force readiness in an instant? See how you can gain an intuitive visualization of the critical resources that have a direct impact on your force readiness in a single, integrated view – with our Readiness Assessment for Defense and Security Solution.

Truck delivering goods to factory

Webcast: Improving Your Supply Chain

Supply chain initiatives that address efficiencies, high energy costs, new regulations, and consumer demand for sustainable products are top priorities for manufacturers and producers. Learn about how you can create competitive advantage in your supply chain with the help of SAP from Novus International, ITC Infotech, and the Carbon Disclosure Project.