Top 3 reasons to engage SAP Custom Development

Companies of all shapes and sizes are turning to SAP Custom Development when they want to extend an existing SAP solution or develop something new. Read this article from the SAPinsider to explore the top three specific reasons organizations choose to engage our team: business process adaptability, new routes to market, and faster response to change.

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Merging Custom and Standard Analytics

According to Aberdeen, companies that take a tailored approach to analytics have seen substantial improvements in BI adoption, engagement, and performance. Learn why a mix of standard and custom analytics is much more effective than off-the-shelf or homegrown solutions.

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Building Custom Mobile Solutions: Best Practices

Uncover best practices and lessons learned in building custom mobile solutions for enterprises. And investigate the 4 key steps common to all builds – Envision, Design, Develop, and Deploy – in this white paper by Dr. Phil Hendrix, director of immr and analyst for GigaOm Pro.

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Harness Real-Time Reporting and Analytics

How can your small business achieve real-time reporting and analytics – for instant insights, faster responsiveness, and a sharper competitive edge? With SAP Business One, analytics powered by SAP HANA. Watch a quick demo to see how this lightning-quick in-memory solution works.

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Off-the-Shelf vs. Custom Mobile Solutions

Compare off-the-shelf mobile apps versus custom mobile solutions in this white paper by Dr. Phil Hendrix, founder and director of immr.

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Uncover the Key to Mobile Success

Learn how creating custom mobile solutions can support a successful enterprise mobility strategy and increase the value of your IT investments.

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Improve Energy Sales & Procurement

Explore the opportunities and challenges created by energy industry deregulation – and learn how to implement a winning portfolio strategy.

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Build & Maintain Better Interfaces

Get expert insight into how the SAP Application Interface Framework can improve interface implementation, monitoring, and error handling.

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Boost User Satisfaction with Tailored UIs

Find out how a great user experience can increase employee productivity – and significantly reduce time spent on data gathering and entry.

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