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Elevate performance with SAP Master Data Management

Create, distribute, and maintain complete, accurate master data with our master data management (MDM) software. Provide everyone in your organization with a single version of the truth – for better-informed business decisions, improved process efficiency, and faster responsiveness to change.

  • Consolidate master data from heterogeneous sources into a centralized repository
  • Cleanse, normalize, and enrich master data through integration with SAP Data Services
  • Synchronize master data and use global attributes to ensure the flow of consistent information
  • Improve business process efficiency by delivering reliable master data to operational systems
  • Support data governance through integration with SAP business process management software
  • Enhance analysis and reporting through integration with SAP data warehouse and services software

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Transforming Master Data Centralization

Find out how Vodafone used SAP software to establish global data management consistency for creating and maintaining procurement catalogs and engaged SAP MaxAttention services to help stabilize and accelerate the solution, enhancing efficiency and control.

Drive efficiency with data synchronization

By synchronizing data across your extended network, SAP NetWeaver Master Data Management can help you run smoother, faster, and more cost-effectively – with support for product and price data consistency, quality, and distribution among partners.

Visit our community for the latest on MDM

Join the discussion on SAP NetWeaver Master Data Management (MDM) software. Explore resources and guidance – and find trusted connections to SAP customers, partners, employees, and MDM product experts in this interactive SAP Community Network.


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