SAP BusinessObjects Explorer Mobile App

Get immediate answers to pressing business questions with our enterprise search app

Insight into your business is never more than a few clicks away with our enterprise search app, SAP BusinessObjects Explorer. Through simple keyword search, navigation, and visualization, the app allows you to ask and answer business questions whenever and wherever you think of them.

  • Arm employees with insight to act quickly and make smarter, more effective decisions
  • Improve business performance with pervasive BI and proactive responsiveness
  • Increase user autonomy with self-service search and data exploration
  • Explore and understand new data sources and unexamined parts of your business
Screenshot of our enterprise search app, SAP BusinessObjects Explorer
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Employee using SAP BusinessObjects Explorer App on a tablet

Quick Preview: SAP BusinessObjects Explorer Mobile App

See how you can easily navigate and efficiently view big data on your iPad or iPhone with SAP BusinessObjects Explorer mobile app. Watch this short video to learn how you can combine fast search capabilities with the analytical power of BI.

Illustration of a flow chart diagram to represent how companies are collaborating with analytic apps

Run Better Anywhere with Mobile Analytics

Did you know there are more smartphones in the world than toothbrushes?* Hear from Donnie McMillan, solution manager of mobile business analytics at SAP, about how companies are leveraging analytic apps on smartphones to analyze, collaborate, and act within a single workflow across lines of business.

Illustration of a lighthouse, representing increased visibility with SAP BusinessObjects Mobile

Transforming the Business with Enterprise Mobility: Executive Experience

Today's executives rely on mobile solutions for timely business intelligence. You need to access real-time data, analytics, and dashboards from smartphones and tablets to make time-critical decisions on the road.

*Webcast, "Run Better Anywhere with Mobile Analytics from SAP", SAP BusinessObjects, November 2011