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Leverage a wealth of information with enterprise content management

Enable business users who are more digitally oriented, resource conscious, regulation-bound and risk-aware to be more productive than ever before. Our enterprise content management (ECM) solutions enable you to systematically manage your content and make it simple to find, govern, use and share while connecting it to your organization’s processes.

  • Enhance collaboration and increase compliance with workspaces that enable team members to work together, efficiently
  • Mitigate legal and regulatory risk by classifying and storing content in an orderly manner and making it accessible for compliance purposes
  • Provide people with relevant content to enhance decision making at an enterprise level
  • Constrain the growth of content repositories and minimize IT complexity with a rationalized approach to content management
Manager using enterprise content management software on his laptop
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Featured Resources

Image of plant requiring asset management

Streamline Enterprise Asset Management

Find out how the SAP Extended Enterprise Content Management application by OpenText allows you to find the source of an asset failure and, determine and document the reason for an asset failure. See how it can help you optimize plant performance at your organization.

Team using ECM software on a tablet

Run Better Together with SAP and OpenText

Designed to work in tandem, SAP and OpenText are collaborating to help organizations realize the benefits of managing their enterprise content management with SAP Extended ECM. Learn how customers are improving their operations by integrating data creation and use with enterprise software.

Shopper making a debit purchase, representing streamlined invoice management

Sysco: Enhancing Self-Service

Discover how Sysco centralized shared-services using SAP ERP, SAP Invoice Management by OpenText, and SAP Extended ECM by OpenText to improve internal and external processes.

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