Collaborate in the cloud – with our enterprise social network solution, SAP Jam

Connect your customers, partners, and employees with key information and processes in the cloud – to accelerate business and drive results – with SAP Jam. This enterprise social network solution facilitates collaboration at every level of your business to help speed sales cycles, increase customer and employee engagement, and reduce training costs.

  • Protect corporate data with secure social collaboration across your entire enterprise
  • Improve communication and collaboration between employees in different locations
  • Empower employees to find internal subject matter experts and collaborators – quickly
  • Help teams tame project chaos, build consensus, solve problems, and improve decision making
  • Strategize, communicate, and drive progress with customers, vendors, and partners
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Compare Popular ESN Solutions

Explore the business benefits of enterprise social network (ESN) solutions. Find out which factors you should consider when making an ESN investment. And compare 16 popular solutions – in this in-depth report from the Enterprise Strategy Group.

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Webinar: The Social Workplace

Does the business value of an enterprise social network (ESN) outweigh the cost of implementation? Hear Nikos Drakos, Research director from featured analyst firm Gartner, discuss the true value of ESNs solutions – as well as must-have criteria for choosing the right one.

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How SAP Jam Streamlines Business Processes

Discover how SAP Jam delivers a secure, social collaboration solution that extends across SAP’s entire technology landscape - giving you social capabilities where and when you need them in your business processes. Learn more about this solution in this blog post.

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