SAP Notes Management

Streamline your financial notes management – for improved reporting and compliance

Automate and accelerate the collection, aggregation, reporting, and analysis of structured and unstructured notes data – at any point in the financial reporting hierarchy. Our notes management software can help you provide valuable footnotes and narrative information, and deliver more meaningful regulatory statements and financial reports.

  • Link descriptive information with key financials – for improved compliance
  • Accelerate the collection of supplementary financial information
  • Reduce risk by eliminating error-prone manual processes
  • Maximize value by reusing notes across multiple reports and accounting standards
  • Improve visibility by leveraging data from multiple, heterogeneous sources
  • Create a compliant audit trail for unstructured data to support financial statements
Woman reviewing financial notes generated with SAP software
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Featured Resources

Speedometer, representing faster financial reporting

SAP: Streamlining Financial Reporting

How does a corporation of our size collect, aggregate, and validate data for financial reporting on a global scale – while enabling more than 150 subsidiaries worldwide to enter their data concurrently? Learn how we handle these tasks and more with SAP Notes Management.

Mountain climber on a summit, representing greater confidence in data

Improve Notes Consistency and Reliability

Are you confident with the qualitative data in your financial reports? Find out how our notes management software can help streamline the collection and management of descriptive information with automated validations and intuitive reporting – for greater compliance.

Two employees using notes management software in an office

Demo: SAP Notes Management

Experience our financial notes management software in action. Watch this quick demo to see how the application can help you validate the completeness of large volumes of unstructured notes information, better describe financial values, and capture more detailed data.

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