Plan for the unexpected and tap hidden opportunities – with our predictive analytics solutions

Edge out the competition with more strategic, proactive decision making – using our predictive analytics solutions. Align your plans with anticipated outcomes and uncover hidden signals from massive volumes of data – to quickly identify untapped opportunities and respond to unforeseen risks.

  • Share predictive insights across your organization and solve problems before they happen
  • Unlock the power of big data to identify and respond to hidden opportunities and risks
  • Deliver better, faster business insight with cutting-edge in-memory predictive modeling
  • Adapt your business strategy in real-time – and get ahead of the competition
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Empower Your Organization with Predictive Insight

High-performance companies are using predictive insight to identify untapped opportunities and expose hidden risks buried in big data. By making predictive insight available to everyone in the organization, these companies can make the right choices at the right time. What is your company doing?

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CIR Food: Predicting Demand Fluctuation

CIR Food needed to more accurately predict demand fluctuation, and more efficiently allocate employees to tasks. Find out how predictive analytics from SAP is providing this top restaurant and catering company with the predictive insight they need to better serve their clients.

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Improve Performance with a More Visible Future

Find out how leading companies use predictive analytics – in this investigative report by Ventana Research. Explore the needs and practices of individuals and organizations, and uncover the benefits of using predictive insight to improve existing processes, information, and systems.

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