IDC expert view: Analytic applications and the path to better decision making

Learn how prebuilt analytic applications can improve and align strategic, operational, and tactical decision making across your organization. Read this insightful IDC white paper to explore the benefits and future of analytics – including the potential impact on your industry and lines of business.


Manager discussing use of analytic applications with her colleagues
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Two marketing experts discussing analytic applications

How Marketers use Analytics to Drive Revenue

How are best-in-class marketing organizations preventing data-rich but insight-poor situations? With powerful analytic applications. Read this information-packed Aberdeen report to learn how to grow revenue with insight into prior marketing campaigns, current customer activities, and more.

Speedometer, representing real-time insights with analytic applications

Thought Leadership: Elevating Procurement

Get immediate answers to your pressing procurement, strategy, and operational questions. Discover how procurement analytic applications can help you proactively identify – and seize – new opportunities, shorten sourcing cycle times, and reduce costs across materials, services, and inventory.

Woman evaluating programs with analytic reports

The Path to Better Decision Making and Agility

Read how the use of analytics and business intelligence in the public sector can help maximize limited resources and improve public value.