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SAP HCP predictive services, Visualize your predictive demo data set


SAP HCP predictive services, Visualize your predictive demo data set

By Abdel Dadouche

Using the configured destination for the OData service, you will extend your application to visualize the predictive demo dataset

You will learn

  • How to display in a grid and a chart the result of an OData service


  1. Log into the SAP HANA Cloud Platform Cockpit with your free trial account and access “Your Personal Developer Account”.

    Click on your HCP Account identifier (which ends with trial) as highlighted on the below screenshot.

    SAP HANA Cloud Platform Cockpit
  2. On the left side bar, you can navigate in Applications > HTML5 Applications.

    HTML5 Applications
  3. Click on the Edit Application HTML5 Applications icon for the hcppredictiveservicesdemo application.

    HTML5 Applications
  4. This will open the SAP Web IDE where you have previously created the hcppredictiveservicesdemo application using the project template.

    HTML5 Applications
  5. Create a new file called ODataDisplay.view.xml in the hcppredictiveservicesdemo\webapp\view\odata and add the following content.

    The view defines:
    - a tool bar with a refresh button that will trigger the onLoadData controller function from the controller
    - a grid table that will display the data return by the OData service called in the onLoadData controller function
    - a VizFrame that will display a line chart with the same data

    <mvc:View controllerName="demo.controller.odata.ODataDisplay"
      <Panel expandable="true" expanded="false" headerText="Display Historical Data with OData" width="auto" class="sapUiResponsiveMargin">
            <Button icon="sap-icon://refresh" text="Load Historical Data (From OData Service)" tooltip="Reinitialize Model" press="onLoadData"/>
          <Panel expandable="false" expanded="true" visible="{= typeof ${/historicalData} !== 'undefined'}">
            <!-- A Viz frame to display the data in a 'time series' chart-->
            <controls:VizFrame id="idHistoricalDataVizFrame" uiConfig="{applicationSet:'fiori'}" vizType='timeseries_line'
              vizProperties="{title:{visible:false,text:'Historical Data'},general:{background:{color:'#DDEEF1'}},legend:{visible:false},plotArea:{adjustScale:true},timeAxis:{label:{showFirstLastDataOnly:true}},interaction:{selectability:{mode:'exclusive'}}}"
              renderComplete="onRenderCompleteHistoricalDataVizFrame" width="100%">
                <data:FlattenedDataset data="{/historicalData}">
                    <data:DimensionDefinition name="Date" value="{DateString}" dataType='Date'/>
                    <data:MeasureDefinition name='Cash' value='{Cash}'/>
                <feeds:FeedItem uid="valueAxis" type="Measure" values="Cash"/>
                <feeds:FeedItem uid="timeAxis" type="Dimension" values="Date"/>
            <controls:Popover id="idHistoricalDataPopover"></controls:Popover>
            <!-- A table with the historical data. It will be populated when the button is pressed-->
            <table:Table rows="{/historicalData}" enableBusyIndicator="true" visibleRowCount="5" width="100%">
                <table:Column sortProperty="DateString" filterProperty="DateString">
                  <Label text="Date"/>
                    <Text text="{DateString}"/>
                <table:Column sortProperty="Cash" filterProperty="Cash">
                  <Label text="Cash"/>
                    <Text text="{Cash}"/>
  6. Create a file named the ODataDisplay.controller.js file in the hcppredictiveservicesdemo\webapp\controller\odata directory and add the following code.

    The controller includes the functions used to process the ‘Press’ events on the controls added in the view and process the AJAX calls to the OData services.

    ], function(Controller, MessageToast) {
      "use strict";
      return Controller.extend("demo.controller.odata.ODataDisplay", {
        onLoadData: function() {
          // set the busy indicator to avoid multi clicks
          var oBusyIndicator = new sap.m.BusyDialog();
          //Get historical data from OData Service
            headers: {
              'Accept': 'application/json',
              'Content-Type': 'application/json'
            url: "/HCPOData/public/timeseries/odata/timeseries.xsodata/TimeSeriesData/?&orderby=Date desc",
            type: "GET",
            async: false,
            success: function(data) {
              try {
                var oHistoricalData = data.d.results;
                // We need to format the date using a formatter
                var dateFormat = sap.ui.core.format.DateFormat.getDateInstance({
                  pattern: "yyyy-MM-dd"
                // timezoneOffset is in hours convert to milliseconds  
                var TZOffsetMs = new Date(0).getTimezoneOffset() * 60 * 1000;
                // we need to parse the date provided bay the odata service as an int to consume it in the VizFrame
                for (var i = 0; i < oHistoricalData.length; i++) {
                  oHistoricalData[i].DateDimension = parseInt(oHistoricalData[i].Date.replace(/[^0-9\.]/g, ''), 10);
                  oHistoricalData[i].DateString = dateFormat.format(new Date(oHistoricalData[i].DateDimension + TZOffsetMs));
                //Save historical data in the model
                sap.ui.getCore().getModel().setProperty("/historicalData", oHistoricalData);
              } catch (err) {
      "Caught - onLoadData[ajax success] :" + err.message);
            error: function(request, status, error) {
    "Caught - onLoadData[ajax error] :" + request.responseText);
        onRenderCompleteHistoricalDataVizFrame: function(oEvent) {
          // this will connect the VizFrame with the PopOver so we can sse the value when selected
          var oPopover = this.getView().byId("idHistoricalDataPopover");
          var oVizFrame = this.getView().byId("idHistoricalDataVizFrame");

    You just added the following functions:
    - onLoadData: call the OData service and populate the model, linked to the Load Historical Data (From OData Service) button)
    - onRenderCompleteHistoricalDataVizFrame: connect the VizFrame and the PopOver so that you will get a message box when you click on the graph

  7. Edit the demo.view.xml file located in the hcppredictiveservicesdemo\webapp\view and replace the existing code by the following one:

    Here we simply extend the main view.

    <mvc:View controllerName="demo.controller.demo"
          <Page title="Developing with HCPps and SAPUI5">
              <mvc:XMLView viewName="demo.view.odata.ODataDisplay"/>
  8. You can save all modified files by pressing CTRL+SHIFT+S. Then, click on the Run icon Run Applications or press ALT+F5.

    Click on Load Historical Data (From OData Service)

    Et voilà!

    TimeSeries Demo Applications

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