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Customer Snapshot: Overview

200 workers with picks and shovels built the dam at Horseshoe Falls Hydro Plant

When Albertans flip a switch, they can count on TransAlta energy to light up their lives. But how does this Canadian energy giant plan to meet emerging challenges such as deregulation and sustainability? By attracting and engaging top-notch talent. To that end, TransAlta implemented SuccessFactors solutions that led HR to run more simply, and complete core tasks in as little as one-third the time.

TransAlta Corporation

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Implementation Partners
Aasonn LLC and /N SPRO

Line of Business
Human Resources

SAP Solutions
SAP Environment, Health, and Safety Management (SAP EHS Management), SAP SuccessFactors Compensation, SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central, SAP SuccessFactors Performance & Goals, SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting Management, SAP SuccessFactors Succession & Development

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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Customer Snapshot: History

It All Began with the Flip of a Switch

Customer Snapshot: Business Model

Experts in Clean Energy

Beginning as a small, local power company in 1909, TransAlta has evolved into an experienced, well-respected power generator and wholesale marketer of electricity. With 65 facilities in Canada, the United States, and Australia, TransAlta has a global team of technical experts committed to operational excellence as they produce and sell clean, affordable energy. The company’s diversified operations include energy marketing and power generation across four fuel types: coal, gas, hydro, and wind.

Customer Snapshot: Success Strategy

A Solid Foundation for Facing Tomorrow’s Challenges

As TransAlta looks for ways to continue meeting the world’s need for reliable, economical, and responsibly generated power, the company is executing against a clear, disciplined strategy built upon sound financial and operating principles. TransAlta boasts diverse fuel sources and an ever-expanding renewable energy portfolio. Just as importantly, the company can rely on dedicated and experienced employees and management.

With some of the environmental concerns that we have around coal, we'll be quickly reskilling and retooling employees into our renewable suite. And that's a key differentiator for us as well in the marketplace because consumers feel more comfortable with renewable energy. – Susanne Beaton, Director, Talent Management, TransAlta

The Challenge

Feeding an Insatiable Demand for Power

As TransAlta produces electricity from coal, wind, gas, and hydro fuel in three countries, the company faces a rapidly changing regulatory environment. Seeking to redeploy employees efficiently and keep them working productively, TransAlta recently focused on finding ways to complete core HR tasks much more quickly. The company also aimed to prepare themselves to cater to a much wider range of customers as they continue to grow.

With more and more pressure to produce renewable energy, TransAlta needed to find and hire the experienced professionals who could make that happen.

Needing systems to support their vision.

Enter SAP

An Engaging New Platform for a 100-Year-Old Company

As TransAlta evaluated talent management solutions, SuccessFactors immediately stood out because of their 16 million users. TransAlta recognized that SuccessFactors aligned perfectly with their already established talent management processes—and appreciated that the platform would integrate with their SAP core employee data system. Convinced that SuccessFactors’ intuitive, engaging user experience would be a hit with their employees, TransAlta chose the platform as their new solution.

Enter SAP: The SAP Experience

Talent Management Just Became Fun Again

TransAlta knew that they could make themselves a more attractive employer by putting talent management in the hands of their employees—rather than confining it to the HR organization. So TransAlta implemented an integrated suite of SuccessFactors solutions, including Employee Central, Performance & Goals, Compensation, Succession & Development, and Recruiting. Throughout the process, TransAlta received invaluable implementation and configuration assistance from their technology partners Aasonn and /N SPRO.

Better Business

Achieving an Award-Winning Level of Efficiency

By combining eight talent management systems into one and establishing a single source for tracking and managing employee compliance information, TransAlta did more than launch their HR processes to a new level of efficiency. The company also won a BizX People Pioneer award from SuccessFactors.

One of the keys to our success…

Better Business: Benefits

An “A+” for Succession and Compensation Planning

With SuccessFactors solutions, TransAlta is able to automate succession planning and compensation planning processes, leading to a more engaged workforce. Some key outcomes: 


participation achieved in success and compensation planning processes


workforce completed employee profiles in the system


decrease in time required for the compensation planning process


faster to complete most core HR tasks

One of our largest goals was to give time back to the business to get their work done. We have been thrilled with our results that employees have learned the system quickly with little to not training tools – they were there, but they didn’t have to use them because the system was so intuitive. – Elaina Venechuk, Human Resources Advisor, TransAlta

Better Business: Run Simple

Employees Take Talent Management into Their Own Hands

As a result of the efficiencies achieved with their new SuccessFactors solutions, TransAlta can leverage data and business practices from their core SAP system. Meanwhile, the company’s innovative new HCM solutions have put talent management in the hands of employees—making TransAlta a much more appealing employer.

Journey Ahead

A Platform for Continued Growth

TransAlta’s new cloud-based HCM platform can easily scale to support the company’s planned growth. As TransAlta makes new hires or acquires other organizations, it will be easy for HR staff to run simply and onboard employees and manage them in one integrated system.

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