SAP Crystal Reports


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Version 2013

SAP Crystal Reports can be used for report design, as well as application and Web report delivery. This is a summary of key licensing terms found in the SAP Product Use Rights document, which is incorporated into your End-User Licensing Agreement (EULA), by reference.

For even more licensing and use rights details, refer to the SAP Software Use Rights and EULA documents.

  • Report Design Licensing:

    SAP Crystal Reports is licensed on a named-user basis for report design.
  • Component Engine Redistribution Licensing:

    Unlike previous versions, SAP Crystal Reports 2013 does not include a runtime engine. Developer customers should create their application reports using the powerful SAP Crystal Reports 2013 designer, and then use the free SAP Crystal Reports, version for Visual Studio 2010 or SAP Crystal Reports, version for Eclipse APIs and runtime engines for integrating reports with applications. Both the .net and Java runtime engines are considered component engines, as they run in-process with a hosting application.
  • Thick-Client Applications for Internal or External Redistribution:

    When component engines are embedded into thick-client applications, they may be freely redistributed both internally and externally to third parties.
  • Web Applications Developed for Internal Business Purposes:

    When component engines are embedded into Web applications used for internal business purposes, they may be freely redistributed internally only.
  • Web Applications for External Redistribution:

    To externally redistribute Web applications with embedded component engines, the application developer must acquire a licensed copy of SAP Crystal Reports each time the application is deployed (installed) by a third party.

    Software-as-a-service deployments require an OEM license.
  • Upgrade Licensing:

    If you acquired an upgrade license to SAP Crystal Reports, then you can continue to use your older version simultaneously with the new version. Service packs and patches do not grant additional licenses.
  • Use with OEM Products:

    If you acquired your copy of SAP Crystal Reports bundled with a third-party application (e.g., an OEM application), then you have what is known as a restricted license. In this case you can use SAP Crystal Reports only with that bundled application.

    For more information on restricted licenses please refer to the SAP Software Use Rights.