Feeding America: Bringing food to hungry families

Feeding America, the largest relief organization in the U.S., runs more than 200 food banks and distributes billions of pounds of food each year to 37 million hungry Americans. Discover how the SAP Mobile Platform is helping this important organization transform food collection and distribution, making the process of feeding America far more efficient – and helping to create a better world.

People receiving food from Feeding America, an SAP SME customer
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New ship being painted, representing Pacific Drilling's rapid growth

Pacific Drilling: Growing Globally

Learn how this ultra-deepwater drilling start-up is supporting rapid, planned growth with SAP. See how the company is building a foundation for its current business structure that has the flexibility to scale-up as new, next-generation drillships are moved into production around the world.

Koehler Paper Group

Koehler Paper Group: Changing the Game

Discover how this family-owned business specializing in thermal paper, playing cards, and coasters is using our in-memory technology, SAP HANA, to analyze up to 14 million sets of data in seconds.* Now, Koehler is able to speed decision making, quickly respond to market changes, and grow its business.

Sales man reading

Simba Dickie Group: Boosting Sales Efficiency

Find out how this toy manufacturer is mobilizing its sales processes with SAP ERP and the Sybase Unwired Platform. See how Simba Dickie is giving its sales reps secure mobile access to real-time customer insights – and the ability to enter new data, process orders, and check delivery status on the go.

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Triumph Foods: Hiring 1,000+ people per year

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