SAP Order Tracking and Exception Management rapid-deployment solution

Track orders, exceptions, and events – all to accelerate order-to-cash cycles

Gain the insight you need to manage your sales orders, exceptions, and events. With this integrated software-and-service solution, you can quickly optimize your order-to-cash processes and proactively monitor, automate, and resolve urgent issues.

  • Increase visibility into order-to-cash processes, across geographical and operational boundaries
  • Improve customer satisfaction, by providing timely information and making on-time deliveries
  • Reduce costs by running automated workflows that can accelerate order-to-cash cycles


Man loading boxes into delivery truck
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By running shipment tracking software, companies can better manage their trucking operations

Sell-from-Stock: Order Tracking and Exceptions

Track basic order fulfillment (sales order, deliveries, shipments) and settlement processes (invoice and payment). Monitor actual events against expectations, using alerts to identify potential problems that may require immediate action.

A forklift stacks shipping crates to fulfill a customer sales order

Purchase-to-Order: Tracking and Exceptions

Optimize sales order fulfillment, by streamlining the processes involved in purchasing a single product from one or several vendors. Identify potential bottlenecks – so you can quickly resolve issues and avoid any delays in fulfilling customer orders.

Companies can prevent the production of dissimilar bottles by running event management software

Make-to-Order: Tracking and Exceptions

Manage production-related processes, by monitoring and tracking the steps involved in fulfilling sales orders. Establish alerts and automate workflows, so you can respond quickly to any deviations and delays affecting your order-to-cash processes.

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