SAP Risk Management

Preserve and grow your business value – with our risk management software

Gain insight into how risk drivers can impact your business value and reputation. Our risk management software can help you track key risk indicators and align risk events with their potential impact – so you can make responsible, defensible risk management decisions, regardless of your company size or industry.

  • Identify, define, and improve the business activities that create value
  • Understand systemic risk drivers and their impact on value, processes, and performance
  • Map business objectives to their relevant value drivers within your organization
Trees in a greenhouse, representing value growth with risk management software
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Whitewater kayaker, representing manageable risk activities

Growing Business Value Through Risk Management

Integrate and coordinate your risk management activities, identify and assess current and future risks, and link risks to value drivers – to preserve and build business value – with our enterprise risk management software. Learn more in this information-packed solution in detail.

Colleagues in a meeting discussing risk events

ARC Report: Ensuring Operational Continuity

Find out how to maximize positive events – and minimize adverse events – by enhancing your operational risk management practices. Read this ARC report to learn how to select the right tools and resources to identify, analyze, monitor, respond to, and mitigate operational risks.

Oil pipelines, representing Baker Hughes’ success with our risk management software

Baker Hughes: Advancing Risk Management

Learn how this global oilfield services company is better integrating risk management into its project methodology. The organization is giving everybody – from executive management to rig workers – a shared view of risk, resulting in one, complete “risk management circle.”

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