Solutions for Auto-ID and Item Serialization

Act in real time, with real-world awareness, with auto-id and item serialization software from SAP

Reduce cost and enable real-world awareness in your supply chain with an SAP auto-identification (auto-ID) and item serialization software solution. Sense and respond to the presence and movements of objects in real time – and enjoy a world-class foundation for generating business value.

  • Automate data discovery – including granular data – and event processing
  • Improve accuracy and speed shipping, receiving, and handling processes
  • Comply with mandates dictated by government, trade associations, and business partners
  • Reduce down time with better tracking and tracing, maintenance, and asset utilization
  • Lower risk by leveraging existing skill sets, infrastructure, systems, and enterprise software
  • Serve customers more efficiently and position your company as a leading-edge organization


Woman scanning inventory with an auto-id and item serialization software solution
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Pill drugs being administered with SAP auto-id and item serialization software

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Man scanning products with RFID auto-id software

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Man loading products to be tracked using auto-id and item serialization software

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