SAP Enterprise Demand Sensing

Demand Sensing: A better way to guarantee stock availability, lower costs, and boost sales

Make smarter inventory decisions and improve demand management – with SAP Enterprise Demand Sensing (EDS). This cutting-edge software uses predictive analytics to help determine daily demand according to item, location, or customer segment – so you can improve your product availability and reduce expediting costs.

  • Foresee changes in demand sooner – and boost sales by predicting and reducing stock-outs
  • Use near-term demand forecasts to improve deployment, safety stock, and transportation plans
  • Analyze internal and downstream demand signals to identify sales and shipment patterns
  • Tap into big picture insights to improve consensus forecasts
  • Improve collaboration with partners via embedded analytics and collaboration tools
  • Move beyond micro-forecasting with enterprise-scale predictive analytics
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Featured Resources

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Improve Short-Term Forecast Accuracy

Watch this hands-on demo to see how SAP Enterprise Demand Sensing can help you determine daily demand by item, location, and customer segment. Predict out-of-stock situations in the near term to minimize expediting and transportation costs, while increasing customer service levels.

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Demand Sensing: Is Your Supply Chain Ready?

Deliver the right products to the right place at the right time – every time. Read this Aberdeen report to learn how demand sensing can help ready your supply chain to satisfy customer demand and optimize inventories, taking into account variables such as weather, local events, and more.

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Get a Clear View of Customer Demand

Being able to accurately sense and respond to customer demand is the most effective way to sell goods, satisfy customers, and increase profitability. Learn more about SAP Enterprise Demand Sensing software and how it can provide you with a clear view of demand – in this solution brief.

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