E-Invoicing for Compliance in the Cloud

SAP helps you stay competitive in today's global economy by delivering a superior cash management solution

SAP E-Invoicing for Compliance OnDemand does more than just convert paper into electronic invoice formats. It enables you to send and receive legally compliant, digitally signed invoices electronically in the format your business or partners require. In addition to connecting you with your partners, it facilitates compliance and accelerates receivables and payables cycles.

  • Reduce the cost of invoice processes by increasing the level of automation
  • Speed processing by lowering the number of days needed to reconcile a disputed invoice
  • Raise compliance and legal certainty by applying country-specific rules
  • Improve connections with key business partners by accelerating the exchange of accurate, trusted information
  • Reduce costs by using standardized interfaces to SAP ERP and SAP Invoice Management by OpenText
SAP E-Invoicing for Compliance OnDemand includes outbound e-billing and inbound e-invoicing
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