Lean Manufacturing

Run lean manufacturing processes and accelerate production – with SAP software

Implement lean manufacturing techniques and processes – such as flow manufacturing, lean planning and execution, and data integration and analytics – with SAP software. Consistently produce the right quality and quantity of products at the right time. And gain better visibility across manufacturing, plant, and supply chain processes – for better results at lower costs.

  • Create predictable manufacturing schedules and benefit from demand and collaborative planning
  • Stabilize material flow to improve on-time delivery and shrink production lead time
  • Convert uneven customer demands into smooth, predictable manufacturing schedules
  • Connect manufacturing with enterprise and supply chain processes – for end-to-end visibility
  • Lower the risk of rework, scrap, or warranty activities – while enhancing customer service levels
  • Support production and material flow according to Toyota Production System (TPS) principles
Plant workers
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