SAP IT Process Automation by Cisco

Improve operational efficiency, ensure governance, and maintain high levels of service reliability

Implement software that automates IT processes to help ensure that your systems run smoothly – leveraging best practices consistently across your IT landscape. Use SAP IT Process Automation to standardize critical IT processes – so you can maximize efficient operations, service quality, and resource usage.

  • Speed troubleshooting and lift service levels by automating critical IT processes
  • Free IT staff for strategic projects by streamlining complex operations
  • Enable regulatory compliance with advanced tracking tools
  • Resolve systemic operational issues that repeatedly cause unplanned downtime
  • Improve efficiency, visibility and control through process standardization

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Deliver Higher Quality IT Service

Discover how SAP IT Process Automation by Cisco can help your IT staff standardize and unify operational processes across SAP and third-party software environments. Supercharge efficiency, maximize uptime, and promote service-level success – all with minimal IT upkeep.

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Proactively Automate Incident Response

See how easy it is to proactively automate incident resolution using SAP IT Process Automation by Cisco. In this short demo, you’ll learn how the application can help you stay on top of emerging infrastructure issues – to save your company time, money, and effort.

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Secure 24: Unifying Processes

Learn how this application hosting services provider adopted SAP IT Process Automation to standardize, unify and automate operational processes—which helped maximize efficiency and reduce costs for their clients.

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