SAP Extended Diagnostics by CA

Optimize application performance and enhance the customer experience with extended diagnostics software

Proactively manage your Web-based applications in complex, heterogeneous IT environments. Our extended diagnostics software helps you identify bottlenecks, eliminate outages, meet SLA, and lower the cost of maintaining applications. And monitoring end-user response times helps ensure a more positive performance experience.

  • Monitor end-user response times at the transaction level to ensure positive performance experience
  • Understand the criticality and business impact of both SAP and third-party web-based transactions
  • Proactively maintain the performance of applications providing data to SAP HANA
  • Group similar defective transactions for further analysis by the responsible party
  • Address issues promptly with real-time triage maps, automatic alerts and root cause analytics
  • Provide detailed performance reporting and analysis, including custom dashboards

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Gauges on a car dashboard representing SAP Extended Diagnostics dashboards

Perform In-Depth IT Issue Analysis

Looking to identify deep-seated issues in your IT infrastructure? Use SAP Extended Diagnostics dashboards to pinpoint them. Resolve application problems, avoid downtime, and optimize availability and performance.

Two IT staffers using extended diagnostics to solve a problem

Understand Your Customers' Experience

Rising demand for services is increasing pressure on IT. Customers want more services faster plus management expects apps to operate at peak efficiency and be within budget. Manage these pressures while delivering a flawless user experience.

IT colleagues discussing application diagnostics

Meet Business Process Service Levels

To optimize your business processes, you must first optimize the IT infrastructure that supports them. That's a challenge in complex environments, but SAP Extended Diagnostics can help. See how it's done.

We can help.

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