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Help customers – and create new fans – with our social media customer service and CRM solutions

Discover how to make social media an integral part of a complete customer service strategy, with social media CRM and customer service solutions from SAP. Effectively listen, understand, and engage your customers through social media like Facebook and Twitter – in concert with traditional interaction channels.

  • Deliver consistent, seamless customer experiences across any channel – including social media
  • Monitor 150+ million social media sources – like blogs, forums, social networks, and others
  • Engage and respond intelligently to social media conversations
  • Assign, route, and escalate conversations based on topic, priority, and other business rules
  • Leverage enterprise data to glean actionable customer insight
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Featured Resources

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Delighting Customers Through Social Media

Find out how to enhance the customer experience by integrating social media across service and support channels. With SAP Cloud for Social Engagement at the center of your customer engagement processes, you can respond appropriately – and quickly – when people discuss your brand and offerings online.

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T-Mobile: Engaging More Customers

T-Mobile knows that great service involves listening, engaging, and responding to customers. Using SAP Social Customer Engagement, T-Mobile was able to achieve a 15% increase in productivity while still providing an awesome customer experience.

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Social Media: From Listening to Engagement

How are social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter changing customer service expectations? And how can you capitalize on the opportunities this presents? Read the results of a recent Aberdeen survey of 169 organizations to find out – and learn how to harness these powerful social media channels.

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