Streamline operations with water utility software

Reduce operational expenses, comply with legislative and industry regulations, and manage business risks – with software that helps you allocate resources and optimize performance within your water or wastewater utility.


Dam representing streamlined water utility operations
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Utility professional operates a complex control terminal running SAP software for utilities

South East Water: Tapping into New Insights

Learn how this water distribution and engineering services company is providing employees with intuitive, expanded access to company data – to preemptively address potential problems and spot trends – with the SAP BusinessObjects BI platform.

Utility worker installs pipeline

Marafiq: Adopting a Value-Based Approach

Find out how this Saudi power and water utility company is using the SAP value management approach to explore business process improvements – while continuing to provide environmentally sensitive, competitively priced services to its customers.

Water sources, representing Anglian’s success with SAP software

Anglian Water: Improving Workforce Efficiency

How is this British water and wastewater company delivering exceptional service, protecting the environment, and improving the efficiency of its mobile workforce? With Toughbook2 – a complete mobile system built on the SAP Sybase Unwired Platform.

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