Outperform competitors with energy software

As an energy retailer, you are on the front lines of communicating and interacting with customers. Address the challenges of competing in the new energy era with our software solutions.

  • Manage high volumes of data with a scalable system
  • Streamline complex billing processes
  • Enhance the customer experience with self-service features


A utility customer accesses her account – online and from her home – via a system powered by energy billing software
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Wind turbines

Alliander: Energized by Real-Time Analytics

Discover how the largest energy grid management company in the Netherlands amped up their utility with real-time analytics. Using business insights based on Big Data, Alliander was able to boost reliability, reduce costs, and transform customer relationships.

Utilities employee working on a power pylon

SCE: Harnessing Big Data in Real Time

How did leaders at Southern California Edison (SCE) find a smarter way to manage energy supply and demand? A combination of real-time capabilities – more data, better analytics, and faster reporting – resulting in lower costs and increased efficiency.

Power pylon in a forrest

Big Returns from Big Data in Energy

Learn how energy companies are using real-time data to solve key challenges in hotly competitive global markets. Understand how energy and process industries struggle to leverage big data and analytics to improve profitability, mitigate risk and increase and how they can fix it.

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