The future of sports: How data will improve your game

Ticket sales, player stats, game stats – managing a sports organization is definitely a numbers game. But what do you do with all that raw data? With the right analytics tools and people who know how to crunch the numbers in ways that yield valuable insight, you can unlock new opportunities to increase sales, improve your team’s performance on the field, and shape a better fan experience. It’s the ultimate game changer.


Rugby players on the field
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Man playing Fantasy Football on his laptop

NFL: Upping the Fantasy Football Game

How is the National Football League creating the ultimate fantasy football experience on By letting fans analyze and compare massive volumes of team and player data – in real time – using the SAP HANA Cloud Platform and SAP Lumira Cloud.

Teammates cheering

Sports & Entertainment: Playing to Win

Find out how leading sports and entertainment companies are using SAP technology to overcome some of the industry’s most difficult challenges. Explore our solutions and learn how they can help you play to win – even in the toughest markets.

Family watching TV and cheering

Shaking Up the Entertainment Industry

Audiences today won’t stand for one-size-fits-all entertainment. But how do you determine what an increasingly segmented viewing audience wants, and what they will pay to get it? Find out – in this brief from the SAP Center for Business Insight.